e-Statement Guidelines

  • Must have a checking or savings account to enroll.
  • Treasury Management clients designated System Administrator will have the ability to enroll for e-statement delivery. (Treasury Management clients with questions about the e-statement service should contact Online Services & Support at 850.402.7126 or toll-free at 866.317.6582.)
  • In order to open and view e-documents, you must use the current or prior major version of Adobe Acrobat Reader®.  In addition, you will need e-mail access with at least 1MB of free space to receive your e-statement(s). 
  • If your regularly scheduled paper documents are generated within 24 hours of your enrollment in this Banking Service, you will receive your first e-document at the next regularly scheduled printing or cycle. Once you agree to the delivery of e-documents, you also agree to receive online through the e-documents Banking Service any notices, disclosures, promotional materials, newsletters and other such items regarding your products and services, which normally may be included with the paper versions of your documents.
  • When the e-statement is ready to be viewed, an e-mail notification will be sent via the external email address provided.
  • E-statements may be accessed by logging on to www.ccbg.com, click or tap on the Services tab and then the E-Documents tab.
  • E-statement delivery is attempted three times in a 24-hour period.
  • As with the delivery and review of paper statements, clients must notify the Bank of any inaccuracies reflected on their e-statements within 60 days with all Regulation E requirements being followed (see the reconciliation/disclosure page of your current statement).
  • You can “turn off” the delivery option of any e-document with respect to any account, at any time, by selecting the Documents and Settings tab under e-documents on your Banking Service. Deleting the “check marks” on the e-documents for which you wish to discontinue delivery, will facilitate the change. You will not be charged a fee for making this change; however, you may be subject to an account type change for which fees may be applied.  When you delete the e-document service, you will automatically begin receiving mailed (paper) documents with the next regularly scheduled printing or statement cycle at the last address on record at the Bank. Consumer statements will not include the images associated with the statement. Note: Once you deactivate your e-document service, you will no longer be able to view the e-documents previously delivered to your Banking Service.