Mobile Deposit Frequently Asked Questions


    Mobile Deposit
 Monthly Fee FREE*
 Daily Item Limit^ Up to 25 checks
 Daily Deposit Amount Limit^ Not to exceed $10,000
 Multi-day Item Limit^ Up to 150 checks
 Multi-day Deposit Amount  Limit^ Not to exceed $50,000


> Mobile Device Users

How do I enroll in Mobile Deposit?
If you are eligible, Settings>Mobile Deposit Enrollment

Do I need to qualify for Mobile Deposit?  
There is a review process we follow after you sign up for online banking. Essentially, we want to confirm your identity and ensure that your account is in good standing.

How long will the enrollment process take?
It is automatic with setup for online banking.

Can I log into the app on more than one mobile device?
Yes, register each device.

What if I forget my password?
To have your password reset, contact our Client Service Center: chat at by clicking the blue “Live Chat!” tab at the top of the page (7 a.m. to 10 p.m. ET weekdays, 9 a.m. to noon Saturday) or call us at 888.671.0400 toll-free (8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET weekdays, 9 a.m. to noon Saturday).

Is depositing my check with a mobile device safe?
Yes. The link between your mobile device and our mobile deposit service is encrypted to industry standards. Your scanned check is secure and protected during transmission.

How do I make a mobile deposit?
To make a mobile deposit, perform the following steps using the CCBMobile App:

  1. Log in to your service using the CCBMobile App.
  2. Endorse the check(s) by writing For Mobile Deposit Only at Capital City Bank and then signing your name.
  3. Select Mobile Deposit.
  4. Select the account for deposit and enter the amount of the first check and select Capture Image, then press Enter.
  5. Take a photo of the front of the check. Preview the image, then select either Retake or Use.
  6. Repeat this step to take a photo of the back of the check. Preview the images, then select either Retake or Submit Deposit.
  7. Next, you will receive a Deposit submitted. Check deposited successfully message or an error message with an explanation of what information could not be read or found.
  8. If upload is successful, click Close to return to the home screen.
  9. Check your e-mail for confirmation that the deposit was successfully received. Follow-up e-mails will be sent when the deposit is approved and processed. All Mobile Deposit e-mails will come from

Where can I view my mobile deposits after they are submitted?
Successfully submitted deposits will display in the More section of the mobile app. After the deposit has been posted to your account, the transaction will also display in your account transaction history in your online/mobile banking service and your monthly statement.

What should I do with the check once I have scanned and deposited my check?
We recommend that you write Submitted for Mobile Deposit and the date on the front of the check. You should hold on to the check for at least 15 calendar days after you receive an e-mail notification from us that your deposit has been approved. If for any reason your check is returned, we will send you an image of the item you initially deposited along with a notice detailing the reason the check was returned. 

What types of checks (or items) are eligible for Mobile Deposit?
Checks must be made payable to you, be drawn on a U.S. financial institution and be in U.S. dollars.

What types of checks (or items) are NOT eligible for Mobile Deposit?
The following items are NOT eligible for deposit via CCBMobile Deposit:

  • Canadian checks
  • Foreign checks
  • U.S. savings bonds
  • Treasury Tax & Loan (TTL) payments

Do I need to use a deposit slip?
No. Sending a clear scanned image of the front and back of the check is all that's needed for the deposit.

Do I need to endorse the check?
Yes. All checks deposited, regardless of how they are deposited, must have for Mobile Deposit only at Capital City Bank and be endorsed with your signature.

After I deposit my check with Mobile Deposit, when do I have access to my funds?
If the deposit is successfully completed by 8 p.m. ET, the deposit will be credited the same business day and the funds will be available the next day (provided no hold is placed). Deposits made on weekends and bank holidays will not be credited until the next business day. Deposits are subject to Capital City Bank Terms and Conditions and Funds Availability Policy. 

How will I know the deposit was accepted?
If you make the deposit during a business day before 8 p.m. ET., you will receive an e-mail from us that day letting you know if the deposit was accepted or if there was an issue. If you make the deposit after 8 p.m. ET during a business day or anytime on a weekend or holiday, you will receive notification the next business day.

I'm trying to use Mobile Deposit but I'm getting an error message. What is the problem?
If you are receiving an error message, the message should specify where the problem is and provide a prompt for how to resolve the error. Refer to the following for some common mistakes and other ways an error may occur:

  • Sign the back of the check before you take the picture.
  • The image of the check must be clear, and all four corners must be visible in the photo.
  • The check must be free of shadows.
  • If the check is wrinkled, make sure to flatten it before taking a picture.
  • Ensure there is good contrast between the check and the background surface.
  • After you take a picture, you will be able to review and retake it if necessary.

In addition, some items are not supported by Mobile Deposit because of check printing issues. Examples are:

  • Checks without a check number in the MICR line
  • Checks without an account number in the MICR line (Example: counter checks)
  • Checks encoded with a dollar amount
  • Checks with writing or printing that obscures any part of the MICR line

If you continue to receive the same error message, please take the check to a Capital City Bank office, an ITM or SmartATM for deposit.

What do I do if the deposit isn't accepted? 
If there is an issue with the deposit, you will receive an e-mail giving you directions on what to do next.


*Capital City Bank does not charge any fees to use the CCBMobile Deposit service at this time.  All users should contact their wireless service provider to see if any connectivity or usage rates apply. Fees charged by the provider are the responsibility of the user. ^Daily and multi-day limits are calculated based on business days of the Bank as defined in our Terms and Conditions. “Multi-day” limits are based on the 20 consecutive business days prior to and including the date of the mobile deposit.           
05.01.19 updated


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