Text Banking from Capital City Bank

Configuring Text Banking

Use text banking to send text (SMS) messages from your mobile phone or other supported device to get account information or to perform transfers.

To enroll in text banking: 

  • From the Menu, click or tap Settings > Text Enrollment.
    • Perform the following steps to enroll:
    • Click or tap On.
    • Enter the number you wish to enable for text banking in the SMS Text Number field.
    • Click or tap Terms and Conditions and read the terms and conditions.
    • Click or tap Privacy Policy and read the privacy policy.
    • Check the box by Agree To Terms and click or tap Save.
  • When the Enrollment Successful message appears, do one of the following:
    • Click or tap Close to close the Text Banking settings.
    • Click or tap Visit Preferences to configure account preferences for text banking.

Configuring Account Preferences for Text Banking

Before you use text banking, you must select the accounts you wish to access with text banking and assign each a text banking display name, or nickname. Display names are limited to four characters each (e.g. SAVE or CHCK). You can also indicate the order in which your accounts appear.

To configure text banking preferences for accounts:

  • From the Menu, click or tap Settings > Account.
  • Click or tap Text.
  • Locate each account you wish to use with text banking and do the following:
    • Enter a four-character nickname to use for the account in text banking in the Nickname field.
    • Select the Enabled check box for the account. You can only use accounts that you enable for text banking.
    • In the Order field, enter a number for the account order (e.g. 1, 2, 3).
    • Click or tap Submit.

Look for the green message at the bottom of the page that reads Text Account Preferences updated successfully to confirm your preferences were saved.

Using Text Banking

To use text banking, send a text message to us with a command. When the action is complete, the text message reply includes the information or the results of the action. Message and data rates may apply.

A signature or any other text in a text banking message may cause difficulties processing text banking commands. Disable any automatic signature or other text when you send a text banking command.

Send your text message to 226563 (BANKME) and include one of the following commands:



BAL The system calls the telephone number on file. You answer the phone normally and make a selection to hear the code in English or Spanish. If necessary, the code can be repeated. For your security, the system will not leave the code on voicemail. If you miss the call, you may request a new code.
BAL <account nickname>
Example: BAL CHCK
The system sends a text message with the code. Standard text messaging fees apply.
HIST <account nickname.
Example: HIST SAVE
The system sends a short e-mail with the code. Depending on the configuration of the filters on your mail server, the message may be delivered to your junk or spam mailbox.
XFER <from account nickname>
<to account nickname><amount>
Example: XFER SAVE CHCK 10.00
Transfers the amount that you specify from one account to another.
LIST A list of all available text banking commands.
HELP A list of contact points for information about text banking. This may include the website address, phone number, or other information.
STOP Disables text banking. You can also use the settings in online banking and the mobile banking app to enable and disable text banking.