Client Stories

What does it mean to have a banker? At Capital City Bank, you can expect to be treated as an individual and not just a banking transaction. That's what makes us different. That's what makes us more than a bank. That's what makes us your bankers.

Tallahassee, Florida

This is a letter of commendation for Pam Schilling. Pam has a feeling for people. I have seen her come out of her office and hug older people who seem to be carrying a burden of some kind. She spoke comforting words to them and lifted their spirits. She is skilled at counseling young people about making payments on time and keeping their heads above the water financially, without offending them. Thank you for keeping people like Pam in manager levels at Capital City Bank, who know what they are doing and are willing to help people. Kenny and I have been members of CCB for fifty years and we’ve never been disappointed in any service.

Fanning Springs, Florida

Thanks for helping combat fraud! I received a call that my grandson was in a Canadian prison and I needed to wire him cash immediately to bail him out. Fortunately, when I arrive at the Fanning Springs office, they asked me why I needed to do such a transaction, since they know me and it was not a normal part of my banking. I told them it was for my grandson who needed to be bailed out of a Canadian jail. The office helped me realize that this might be fraudulent activity and encouraged me to call my grandson to verify it. When I wasn't able to reach my grandson, they helped me call the Niagara Falls police department, where they told me my grandson was being held, and they didn't have anyone by his name in custody. I am extremely grateful for the exceptional service the office provided, instead of just processing a transaction.

Citrus Springs, Florida

In the process of keeping a New Year's resolution to myself, I am complimenting and praising people or deeds that I feel need to be recognized. I am writing to tell you what a super star associate Capital City Bank has in Amy Howard at the Citrus Springs office. My husband unexpectedly passed away recently and and I felt completely overwhelmed at trying to gather all my thoughts, feelings and paper work. I knew I had to begin to take care of financial and legal matters and went in to the bank to find Amy. She had so much professionalism, knowledge, guidance, respect and empathy, I felt I could trust her and I did. Amy is a lovely representative for your bank.

Tallahassee, Florida

I've been looking at the back of your head every Sunday for 25 years and banking with another institution and thinking I really should bank at Capital City. Now I do. I had no idea how hard it was to borrow a little money. With no debt, perfect credit and a pretty good income, I figured I could get a secured loan in five minutes. I was wrong. But, and this is why I write, Megan Ehler and Donna Kay fairly warned me about today's lending environment, then went above and beyond to help me close on some property before the end of the year. They were great. In fact, everyone I have dealt with at Capital City has been very nice, and seemed happy in their work.

Trenton, Florida

I'm writing this letter about one of your associates, Geri Cruze. While checking my account online, I was shocked to see someone had gotten into my account and all but wiped it out. I had just deposited my Christmas money and now everything was gone. My husband tried to console me by saying, "the bank is insured and it will be fine," but I was scared to death and felt so violated. My husband began searching for Geri's number, because he knows I love her and bank at Capital City because of her. When I was able to talk with Geri, she helped soothe me as a professional and friend and helped explain the steps I needed to take to secure my money and open a new account. You must realize, that she stopped what ever she was doing that night, in the comfort of her home, to take care of me. You are blessed with good associates and Geri helped me say, "Yes, Virginia, there is a Santa Claus."