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Bank to Bank Transfers


Bank-to-Bank Transfers 
Available Exclusively with Capital City Bank OnLine

Transfer funds between your Capital City Bank personal checking, savings and money market accounts and your accounts at other financial institutions with our bank-to-bank transfer service*. Bank–to–bank transfers give you greater flexibility, convenience and control to transfer funds as needed.

Simply logon to Capital City Bank OnLine and click the Bank-to-Bank Transfers tab to learn more, enroll in the service and begin making transfers. Follow the simple instructions below to get started or sign up for online banking now

1. Enroll

Login to your online banking service and select Bank-to-Bank Transfers from the My Capital City Bank OnLine menu bar to review the Service Agreement and enroll.

2. Add New Bank-to-Bank Transfer Account(s)

Complete the Add New Bank-to-Bank Transfer External Account form using the information requested:

Account Name: Nickname for your account at the other financial institution.

Financial Institution Name: Financial institution where the external account is held.

Routing Number: nine-digit routing number of the other financial institution (located on a check from that institution).

Account Number: External account number (located on a check from that institution).

Account Type: Select Checking or Savings from the drop-down menu.

click Submit. An information message will display that confirms the account has been added.

Repeat Step 2 to add additional external accounts (maximum of 5 accounts permitted).

3. Manage Enrolled Accounts

Select Enrolled Accounts to view the status (Pending Approval or Verified), edit the account name or delete the account.

4. Verify Pending Accounts

Pending accounts are external accounts not yet verified as valid Bank-to-Bank Transfer accounts. Upon enrollment of an external account, our system automatically generates two small credit transactions to the external account.

To complete the verification process, retrieve the amount of the two transactions from the external account and enter them in the appropriate fields on the Enrolled Accounts page. Verification amount must be entered without dollar signs or decimal points. Example: $.10 is entered as 10.

5. Add New Bank-to-Bank Transfer(s)

Select New Transfer. Choose accounts from the drop-down menu to transfer funds from and an account to transfer funds to. Enter the amount of transfer, frequency of transfer (one time, weekly, bi-weekly, semi-monthly or monthly) and date of transfer (may vary based on frequency selection).

Include any comments in the memo line and click Submit to save the transfer. A confirmation message will display.

Repeat Step 5 to add additional transfers (maximum of 5 transfers for a total of $3,000 permitted daily).

6. Manage Pending Transfers

Select Pending Transfer to view scheduled transfers, edit transfer date, amount or frequency, or delete the transfer.

7. View History

Select History from the View menu to see transfer activity for the past 99 days.

Need help? Call a Capital City Banker at 888.671.0400 or chat with us online via the blue “Live Chat!” tab at the top of the page, Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. ET.



*Requires online banking service. Transfer fees apply. Refer to the bank-to-bank transfer agreement available within your online banking service for all terms and conditions. 

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