Treasury Management

Keep your cash flowing.

At Capital City Bank we serve a broad range of clients, including small business, corporate, non-profit organizations and government entities. We evaluate each client individually to determine the best fit of products and services. Whether it’s electronic information reporting, short-term investments or electronic payments and collections, our experienced bankers can help you manage your money and keep your cash flowing.

Our products and services are linked to four specific business functions: disbursements, collections, investments and information reporting. These functions represent typical business cash flow. Our goal is to simplify and administer these business functions for your products and services.

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Treasury Management Demos

> Remote Deposit
> CD Imaging
Information Reporting
> BAI Reporting

This product is for the large company that uses many banks throughout a region. Rather than using each bank's online banking service, banks are asked to provide a file that is specifically formatted (BAI) so that the cleared item information for each account can be uploaded into their accounting system.

> CD Imaging for Paid Items

This product provides the client with a CD-ROM disk that contains /view/images of all canceled checks and deposit tickets. The /view/images provided are excellent quality, and contain both the front and back of the item. The CD-ROM contains a browser program, and provides an easy way to search for items by check number, date, amount, etc.

> CD Imaging for Deposited Items

In addition to CD Imaging for paid items, Capital City Bank can also provide our client with a CD-ROM containing /view/images of all deposited items. The CD provides /view/images of the front and back of the items, along with a search engine to facilitate finding a specific item, etc.

> Controlled Disbursement Account

This type of account is used for the client that invests large amounts of funds with another entity (e.g. FSU or a State Agency). This type of account has a special ABA number that identifies it with the Federal Reserve Bank. The Federal Reserve then notifies CCB of the total dollar amount that will be posting against the Controlled Disbursement account that day. CCB then notifies the client of the amount that will be posting to the account from the Fed and the client performs a computation of current balance, fed postings, and outstanding items to determine funds availability for investment.

> Deposit Reporting

This product is for those clients who have more than one business location. Deposit reporting allows a client to open one account, have all funds deposited into the account, and still identify which location made each deposit. This is more cost effective than opening a separate account for each location and manually moving funds as needed. Deposit tickets are ordered with a unique number for each store/business location. This number appears on all statements and on-line banking services next to the deposit entry to enable the client to identify which store deposited which funds.

> Reconciliation Services

This product provides several options to the client that issues a large volume of checks but does not have the resources available to perform regular account reconciliation. The client must provide us with a listing of all checks they have issued. In return, we provide the client with either daily, weekly or monthly reports identifying any checks that remain outstanding, are stale dated or have been presented for an amount other than the amount issued.


>Online banking for Treasury Management

Treasury Management Service

Online banking service via Internet connection. Provides client with the all of the basic services plus enhanced features that include: Multiple Users, Restrict User Permissions, ACH Origination (both direct deposit and auto-debit), Wire Transfer Initiation, Stop Payment Initiation, Positive Pay Instruction.

> Lockbox

With this service, our client would have its clients mail their payments to a Capital City Bank Post Office Box. The payments are sorted, imaged, and deposited to the client’s account. This eliminates the need for our client to handle and process their checks for deposit, and speeds up availability of funds to the client. Special handling, instruction and/or reporting are available for an additional charge.

> Remote Deposit

This service allows the client to electronically deposit checks from various locations. Simply scan the checks, and securely transmit them to the bank. Checks can be deposited remotely, thereby eliminating the physical transportation of checks. Deposits made before 6:00 pm EST are generally credited on the same day.


> Online Banking with bill pay

Treasury Management Service

Online banking service via Internet connection. Provides client with the all of the basic services plus enhanced features that include: Multiple Users, Restrict User Permissions, ACH Origination (both direct deposit and auto-debit), Wire Transfer Initiation, Stop Payment Initiation, Positive Pay Instruction.

> Positive Pay Account

This fraud prevention tool provides verification of issued checks. The client would provide an electronic file of issued checks to the bank, and the check number and dollar amount are matched up against checks that are presented at the teller line, or through regular clearing channels. Items not matching the check issue file are returned unpaid.

> Rapid! Cards

This product offers a way for our clients to provide direct deposit to all of their employees especially those that may not want or may not qualify for a regular bank account. Their payroll is deposited to the card and the employee may go to an ATM to get cash or to a merchant and use the card for a point-of-sale transaction. The card comes with a MasterCard logo and is branded with the employee name. There is no cost to the employer for the payroll card. All transaction fees are passed along to the card holder.


> Zero Balance Account

Provides client with the ability to maintain all idle funds in an interest-earning account and automatically transfer funds to the zero balance account as checks are presented. Most common example of a zero balance account is a payroll account tied to an operating account.

> Commercial Interest Bearing Account

Provides the business client with the ability to earn interest on idle funds. Cash Management will assist the client in determining which type of account is the best fit; Repurchase, Repurchase Sweep, Money Market Sweep, Negotiated SuperNow, or Negotiated SuperNow Sweep.

  • Money Market Sweep
  • Tiered-Rate Money Market Account
  • Premium Rate NOW Account
  • Repurchase Agreement*
  • Business Checking/Account Analysis
  • Line of Credit Sweep

Additional Services

> Analysis

Provides the client that utilizes various Capital City Bank products and services with the ability to pay for these services with compensating balances (deposited funds) rather than being hard charged for the product or service.

> Trusteer Rapport Online Fraud Protection

Strengthen your company’s defenses against online banking fraud with FREE Rapport security software from Trusteer – a leading provider of secure browsing services.

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