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Protecting Your Passwords: How A Favorite Password Could Cost You

We know you love your dog – we know the feeling! – and you will never forget the year he joined the family – few things are more memorable! – but using Rover2010 to secure all your online accounts could someday turn out to be your most costly shortcut. Sure it may keep you from having to click that “forgot password” button, but resetting your password will feel like a walk in the dog park compared to having multiple accounts affected by a single compromise.

We know from the headlines that once a cybercriminal steals one set of logins, they have ways of finding other places you have used the same credentials. The only way to ensure you aren’t leaving yourself open to becoming a repeat victim is by ensuring each of your online accounts has a unique log in. Passwords should be like finger prints – no two alike.

Here are a few vital tips for making passwords that stand up against attack:

  • Don’t double up – Not all online accounts are created equal. Neither are security protocols. Depending on what kind of account it is, who offers it and what types of information it protects, your risk of exposure will vary. It is ALWAYS best to set up a unique password for each online account, but especially for your online banking service and accounts that contain banking or payment information. 
  • Change your passwords – If you’ve been using the same password since your now-college student took her first steps, it’s time for a change. You can help stay one step ahead of cybercriminals by making your passwords a moving target. Experts recommend changing passwords every few months.
  • Don’t reuse past passwords – Just like you shouldn’t use the same password in multiple places, you shouldn’t try to get more mileage out of used passwords. Once a password is put out to pasture, don’t bring it back – either down the road for the same account or for another account. Comebacks are best left to sports teams and celebrities.
  • Use complex passwords – Don’t use personal, easy to guess details like names, birth dates, anniversaries and Social Security numbers. Instead use a combination of lower case and uppercase letters, numbers and special characters. And, according to experts, length matters too – most of your accounts will require at least eight characters, but for better security, shoot for 12-15 characters.

While you’re taking these steps to ensure your log in credentials are as strong as they can be, you can rest assured that Capital City Bank is continuously working to provide a reliable, safe and secure online banking environment.

We are on guard for things like the number of failed log-in attempts and the computer from which login attempts are made to help identify unauthorized activity, and we employ multiple layers of security to help ensure you are the only one gaining access to your online account. Multifactor identification, where we ask you to enter an account key we send to your mobile phone or e-mail address on file, is just one of many safeguards we have working to protect you from unauthorized access.