Logging in for the First Time

Visit www.ccbg.com to log in from your desktop or mobile browser, or open the CCBMobile app. You will need your Capital City Bank online banking Username and security token (if applicable). The login process varies slightly depending on whether you are a consumer, business or Treasury Management client.

For all clients, the first time you log in you must verify your identity. The most common method of identity verification is:

  • Secure Access Code (Consumer and most Business clients)

When you use a Secure Access Code, we send a one-time code to an e-mail address (consumer clients only), mobile phone number via SMS (text) message or phone number via automated voice message that is on file for you.

To log in for the first time with a Secure Access Code:

  • Enter your Capital City Bank online banking Username and click or tap Activate My Service.
  • Select a delivery method, or target, for your Secure Access Code (e-mail (consumer only), SMS (text), phone). Your delivery options are based upon the contact information we have on file, but you may update this information for future verifications in Settings > Security Preferences once you are logged in. Note: Changing delivery information for Secure Access Codes will not change the contact information on your account. These settings are only for online banking purposes. 
  • Enter the Secure Access Code in the space provided. 
  • Select a new password when prompted. Passwords must be at least 8 characters long (but not more than 25), contain a number and include an uppercase letter. 
  • Review your Online Banking Profile and click Next
  • Review the Online Banking Terms & Conditions and click or tap I Agree or I Accept to Continue
  • Register the device to keep from needing an access code the next time you log in. Anytime you log in from a new device or browser, however, you will be prompted to enter a Secure Access Code for your protection. You may register multiple devices for use with our online banking service. 
  • After completing these steps, you will be taken to your account summary page. This page may be personalized in Settings > Account Preferences.