New Mobile Deposit Endorsement Requirement; Online Banking Agreement Revision

Effective July 1, 2018, federal regulation will require specific Restrictive Endorsement wording on all items deposited through mobile deposit. ALL items presented for deposit via our CCBMobile app must be endorsed as follows: For Mobile Deposit Only at Capital City Bank. If a check being deposited, please use the  CHECK HERE IF MOBILE DEPOSIT on the back, please also mark this box. However, this DOES NOT replace the endorsement requirement mentioned above. Please endorse your next mobile deposit as requested above.

Also, beginning Wednesday, June 27, all consumer and business clients (non-Treasury-Management clients) who log in to online banking will be presented with a new Online Banking Terms and Conditions Agreement. Clients must agree to the updated terms of use to proceed with their transactions.

Questions? Speak to your local banker or contact our Client Service Center.