Other Services & Fees


Safe Deposit Boxes
Protect your valuables against fire, theft and loss. A variety of sizes and prices is available.

Key Deposit Fee                                                                             $15
Box Drilling Fee (both keys lost)                                                     Bank’s cost
Late Rental Payment Fee                                                               $10

Overdraft Protection Services

Refer to our Overdraft Protection (ODP) brochure for full disclosures related to these services.
ODP Transfer from Checking or Savings Fee, per daily transfer   $10
ODP Transfer from Line of Credit Fee, per draw                            $10
ODP Transfer from CheckLoan Fee, per draw                               $10

ATM & Debit Cards

Replacement Temporary Instant Issue Card Fee                          $ 2
ATM or Debit Card Replacement Fee                                            $10
Expedited Card Delivery Fee                                                         $35
PLUS®, STAR® and Publix PRESTO® Network Usage Fee,
for each inquiry, transfer or withdrawal                                          $ 2

Overdraft & Insufficient Funds

Insufficient Item Fee*                                                                     $35
Overdraft Item Fee*                                                                       $35
Commercial Account Continuous Overdraft Fee^                         $ 5

Special Handling Items

Stop Payment Fee                                                                         $35
Item Chargeback Fee, per item                                                     $ 6
Canadian Item Chargeback Fee, per item                                    $ 20
Item Redeposit Fee, per item                                                        $ 6
Rejected Item Fee, per item**                                                       $ 1

Money Orders, Drafts & Checks

Personal Money Orders
Client Fee                                                                                      $ 5
Non-Client Fee                                                                              $10

Cashier’s Checks
Client Fee                                                                                      $ 8
Foreign Draft Fee                                                                          $45
Foreign Draft Stop Payment Fee                                                  $35
American Express Travelers Cheques Fee               2% of purchase
American Express Cheques For Two Fee                 3% of purchase
American Express Gift Cheques Fee                                        $2.50

Online Banking Bank-to-Bank Transfers

Outbound: Bank-to-Bank Transfer Fee                                         $ 2
Inbound: Inter Bank Transfer Fee                                                 $ 2
Returned Bank-to-Bank Transfer Fee                                           $ 6

Wire Transfers

Outgoing Domestic Fee                                                               $25
Outgoing International Fee                                                          $50
Incoming Domestic Fee                                                               $20
Incoming International Fee                                                          $20
Returned Wire Fee                                                                      $20

Statements & Copies of Documents

Paper Statement with document images Fee, per statement      $ 5
Instant Statement Printout Fee                                                    $ 5
Return Statement Fee, per undeliverable statement                  $10
Special Handling Instructions Fee, per statement                      $15
Duplicate Statement Fee, per duplicate statement                     $ 5
Copy of Imaged Statement Fee, per statement                          $ 5
Copy of Imaged Document Fee, per image                                $ 1

Teller Items

Night Depository Bags
Lock Bag Fee                                                                              $25
Zipper Bag Fee                                                                            $ 5
Counter Checks/Temporary
Single Check Fee (per check)                                                      $ 1
10 Checks Fee (maximum)                                                          $ 5

Collection Services

Incoming Domestic Item Fee                                                       $20
Incoming International Item Fee                                                  $20
Outgoing Domestic Item Fee                                                       $25
(plus fee from intermediary and paying banks)
Outgoing International Item Fee                                                  $75
(plus fee from intermediary and paying banks)
Foreign Currency Exchange Fee                                                $30
(plus fee for registered/insured mail)
Canadian Item Collection Fee                                                     $10

Account Reconciliation, Research & Closing

Account Reconciliation or Research Fee, per hour
(one hour minimum)                                                                    $25
Account Closed Within 90 Days of Opening Fee                        $25
Inactive Account Closing Fee                                                     $10
Individual Retirement Account Closing Fee                                $25

Dormant Accounts

Dormant Service Charge, per month (FL and AL)                      $10
Dormant Service Charge, per month (GA)                                  $ 5

Check Casher & Money Service Businesses

Check Casher Monitoring Fee, per month                                  $100
Money Service Business Monitoring Fee, per month                 $250
Money Service Business On-boarding Fee†                              $500

Legal Processes

Levy Fee                                                                                     $100
Garnishment Fee†† $175
Child Support Freeze 
                           Maximum allowed by state law, not to exceed $100

Miscellaneous Fees

Photocopy fee, per page                                                             $.50
Notary Service‡, per signature
Client Fee                                                                           No charge
Non-Client Fee                                   Maximum allowed by state law
Overnight Mail Delivery Fee                                  Charges may vary

*Insufficient Item Fees and Overdraft Item Fees also apply to all savings accounts. Fees apply to overdraft items or insufficient items created by check, in-person withdrawal or electronic withdrawal (ATM, check card, ACH, etc.), as applicable. ^Fee assessed each business day, beginning on the sixth consecutive business day that account is overdrawn $10 or more. **Fee applies to checks or deposit tickets that are not machine readable due to improper MICR encoding. †On-boarding fees not paid at account opening and subsequent monthly monitoring fees will be applied retroactively to the date money service business activity is first detected. ††In the event that Capital City Bank’s actual attorneys’ fees and cost incurred in responding to a writ of garnishment exceed $175.00, Capital City Bank may charge an additional garnishment fee equal to the amount of which Capital City Bank’s actual attorneys’ fees and cost exceed $175.00. Bank notaries public are not attorneys licensed to practice law in any state or territory of the United States and may not give legal advice or perform any other act not expressly authorized by law, nor may they accept fees or other consideration for doing so. NOTE: These charges apply to clients of Capital City Bank. We reserve the right to charge non-clients the same or different fees when applicable. 10.01.19