Find Out Faster With Text Alerts

Get the information that’s important to you quicker and easier than ever before. No apps. No logins. No passwords.

Text alerts are now available for a variety of account events, so you can get the information that's important to you quicker and easier than ever before.

Text Alert options for all clients with Capital City Bank OnLine include:

  • Balances above or below a certain amount
  • Receiving Incoming Wires
  • Receiving Incoming ACH Credits & Debits
  • Insufficient Funds (NSF)
  • Statements/Notices
  • Maturing Loans
  • Maturing CDs
  • Bill Payments Paid
  • Bill Payments Failed –NSF
  • Transfers Failed –NSF
  • Transfers Expired
  • Transfers Failed –Restricted
  • Transfers Deleted –Closed
  • Bill Payments (check and electronic)
  • Bill Payments Expiring
  • Bill Payments Rejected
  • Transfers About to Expire

Additionally, options for Treasury Management clients using Capital City Bank OnLine will also include:

  • Receiving Incoming ACH EDI
  • Positive Pay Exceptions
  • Unmatched Recon Items
  • Receiving ACH Exception Items
  • ACH Batches Initiated
  • ACH Batches Processed
  • Wires Transmitted

Click on the Settings tab in your online banking service to add text alerts now!

SMS fees charged by the mobile service provider are the responsibility of the user.