Thumbprint Signature Program

Thumbprint Signature Program

Check fraud costs both banks and bank clients millions of dollars each year. In an effort to combat crime and protect our clients, Capital City Bank is a member of the Thumbprint Signature Program. This program is designed to stop criminals from committing check fraud. When fraudulent activity does occur, law enforcement agencies have thumbprints as evidence to use in apprehending those responsible.

The program is simple. When cashing a check, all non-clients, or any individual who does not having a depository relationship at Capital City Bank, is asked to apply their right thumb to an inkless touch pad fingerprinting device that leaves no ink stain or residue. This includes cashing on-us or not-on-us checks or exchanging an on-us check for an official check. The Thumbprint Signature will be placed on the check. Participating banks will not maintain a data bank of Thumbprint Signatures. These signatures will be used by law enforcement officials only in cases where fraud is suspected.

This program does not apply to clients of Capital City Bank. However, if you cash a check at another bank where you are not a client, you will be asked to provide a Thumbprint Signature if that bank is also participating in the program.

A Thumbprint Signature will also be obtained when a new client seeks to open a personal or business deposit account. When opening a new account, the thumbprint is placed on an unused signature line. This procedure is used to authenticate the identity of the person(s) opening the account and to assist in compliance with the Customer Identification Program (CIP).

To comply with all applicable federal laws and regulations, a Thumbprint Signature must be obtained from every non-client every time a check is presented for payment. Every time a new client opens a deposit account, the Thumbprint Signature must also be obtained on the signature card from the person(s) opening the account. This applies to personal and business accounts. There are no exceptions. The Thumbprint Signature does not replace the requirements for other proper identification or new account documentation.