A Message From Our CEO

Managing through the global pandemic together.

Dear Valued Client,

At Capital City Bank, we take our commitment to serving the best interests of our clients, associates and communities seriously. We have closely monitored the Coronavirus (COVID-19) pandemic, heeded health and local officials’ guidance for safe operations under these conditions, and taken appropriate steps to protect our clients and associates while continuing to meet the banking needs of individuals and businesses in the places we call home.

Serving You A Little Differently

Beginning Monday, March 23, all Capital City locations will be open by Drive-in, express banking technology and lobby appointment only. We will close our lobbies and ask many of our associates to work remotely as additional steps toward stemming the spread of coronavirus and honoring our commitment to community well-being. We may be serving you a little differently for a while, but both our bankers and our client-friendly virtual offerings are still here for you. Please make an appointment with your local banker to access a safe deposit box or complete any other time-sensitive, in-person financial transactions.

Together We Are Strong

To my fellow Capital City Bankers, thank you for your dedication to continuing to serve our clients exceptionally well during a difficult time. Your compassion, creativity, adaptability and desire to be more than a bank to our clients is more reassuring than you may ever know. We had planned to kick off a celebration of 125 years in business on April 1. The celebration will wait, and that’s okay since we are doing what our clients have always relied on us to do – protect what is precious to them: their livelihood, their finances, their business, their dreams and their futures.

And to our clients, as uncertain as the coming weeks and months may seem, I hope it helps to remember Capital City Bank has endured the Great Depression, two World Wars, the Great Recession and many challenges in between. While each challenge has had transformative effects on our communities, economies and industry, we are still here. Together. I am confident we will emerge from this pandemic changed, but not broken, because together we are strong.

Your banker,

bill smith signature big.png

William G. Smith Jr.
Chairman, President and CEO
Capital City Bank Group