Asset Based lending

Asset Based Lending


Fast and flexible funding for businesses

Asset Based Lending (ABL) from Capital City Bank provide a smart solution for asset-rich companies looking to generate liquidity or create greater operating flexibility. Unlike other sources of financing, asset-based loans allow companies to leverage the value of their current assets to achieve their long-term goals.
Features and benefits:
  • Low cost and competitive pricing
  • Flexible structuring
  • Near-immediate and on-going cash flow
  • Custom-tailored solution
  • Enhanced Treasury Management suite, which may include payroll and remote deposit services, discounted wires, line of credit sweeps, enhanced online banking service with audit features, and more
Our cash-flow experts are equipped to analyze your situation and structure an effective solution for you. To get started right away, contact us at
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Why Asset Based Lending?

Unlike traditional loans, ABL financing is based on the value of the asset being used as collateral, so it's often quicker and easier to obtain.

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Important Information
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