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Treasury Management Services

Keep your cash flowing

Our Treasury Management suite of products and services offers structured solutions that help you simplify and streamline four critical business functions: Collections, Disbursements, Investments and Information Reporting, plus value-added solutions that help guard against fraud.
Services to help speed up and simplify your deposit collecting and processing.

Remote Deposit
  • Scan and transmit checks for deposit from your home or office.
  • Eliminate the hassle of processing payments by mail. Have your payments mailed to us – we receive, sort, image and deposit them to your Capital City Bank account, so your funds are available sooner. 
Cash Vault
  • Ideal for businesses with a high volume of cash, cash vault services provides a safe and secure onsite solution for handling cash deposits via a specialized safe, eliminating risky trips to the bank and improving cash reconciliation. Cash is picked up and verified on a set schedule, and provisional credits are posted next day to the business account.

Services that help simplify your payment processes.

Treasury Management Online Banking
  • Built-in Bill Pay and modules that support ACH origination, wire transfer and payroll functionality provide endless options for moving money, plus enhanced features that include the ability to assign multiple users, restrict user permissions and initiate stop payments, among others.
Payroll Cards
  • A smart alternative when paying employees who do not have regular bank accounts, payroll funds are direct-deposited to a card the employee can take to an ATM or use at the merchant for point-of-sale transactions. The card comes with a MasterCard logo and is personalized with the employee name. There is no cost to the employer for the payroll card. All transaction fees are passed along to the card holder.
Vendor Pay
  • A creative solution for businesses seeking to use cash on hand to drive business strategy without shifting the burden to their vendors, while automating invoice processing. It creates substantial value for both the business and their vendors by enabling buyers to delay payment and maximize cash reserves while presenting vendors the option to receive immediate payment from Capital City Bank.

Interest-earning deposit accounts that put idle funds to work.

Zero Balance Accounts
  • Maintain idle funds in an interest-earning account and automatically transfer funds to the zero balance account as checks are presented. 
Sweep and Commercial Interest-Bearing Accounts
  • Capital City Bank offers a variety of account types and options to meet a range of business goals, including Repurchase, Repurchase Sweep, Line of Credit Sweep, Money Market Sweep, Negotiated SuperNow or Negotiated SuperNow Sweep.

Digital tools that help you get account information and conduct transactions.

CD Imaging
  • Available for both paid and deposited items, CD Imaging provides a searchable record of your transactions.
Deposit Reporting
  • Allows clients with more than one business location to open one account, have all funds deposited into the account, and still identify which location made each deposit. This is more cost effective than opening a separate account for each location and manually moving funds as needed. Each location is assigned a unique number that appears on deposit tickets, statements and online banking services, making it easy to identify which location made the deposit.
Reconciliation Services
  • For the client who issues a large volume of checks but does not have the resources to perform regular account reconciliation, submit a list of checks issued, and we will provide daily, weekly or monthly reports of any checks that remain outstanding, are stale dated or have been presented for an amount other than the amount issued.
BAI Reporting
  • For the large company that uses many banks throughout a region, banks are asked to provide a file that is specifically formatted (BAI) so that the cleared item information for each account can be uploaded into their accounting system.

Protect your business from unnecessary losses.

Positive Pay Account
  • An extra layer of protection against check fraud, we match every check presented to a list of authorized check numbers and amounts before releasing account funds, stopping fraud before it happens. 
ACH Fraud Control
  • Block or filter incoming ACH transactions and prevent unauthorized ACH transactions on your account. Affords a great degree of flexibility by either allowing or blocking entries from all or specific entities.

For clients using multiple Capital City Bank products and services, we offer Account Analysis that may offset service fees with compensating balances (deposited funds) for greater value to you. Ask for a complete, no-obligation evaluation of Treasury Management opportunities. Call Capital City Bank Client Service Center Monday through Friday from 8 a.m. to 6 p.m. EST: 888.671.0400 or 850.402.7500.