Making Cents

Frequently Asked Questions

Here's an example:

Gavin makes the purchases shown in the table below on a single day.

Each eligible debit card transaction is rounded up to the nearest whole dollar.

These rounded up amounts are added together, resulting in a total of $2.25.

That $2.25 is automatically transferred from Gavin’s Capital City Bank checking account to his designated secondary Capital City Bank deposit account.



Round-up Amount










Concert Ticket





Yes, as long as the account has available funds equal to or greater than the transaction total including the round-up amount. ATM deposits and withdrawal transactions are not eligible for the Making Cents service.

No. All accounts must be with Capital City Bank.

Enrollment is considered complete after your enrollment form is submitted to Capital City Bank and you have received a Making Cents Enrollment Confirmation notice. Making Cents transfers will begin within three (3) business days of your enrollment date.

The round up transactions occur each day after your card transactions have posted to your account. A card transaction posts to your account when the business settles their transactions. All businesses have 30 days to settle their transactions, so your card transactions do not always post to your account the same day you use your card.

The debit card transaction will post the same as always. The rounded-up portion will not take place. If there are pending transactions that have taken the account into the negative, then those transactions will not round up.

Yes, as long as the checking account is with Capital City Bank.

No. Only personal accounts are eligible.

You can be unenrolled from the service or change your account selections easily by contacting your local banker or our Client Service Center. Later, if you decide you want to re-enroll, simply complete the enrollment form at