Making Cents Round-Up Savings Service Terms & Conditions

When you enroll in the Making Cents service, we will round up the amount of the Capital City Bank VISA® Debit Card1 purchases made by you on your personal Checking Account to the next whole dollar amount (“the Making Cents transfer”) and transfer the round-up amount from your Checking Account to your designated secondary deposit account (“receiving account”)2.  A purchase is defined as any debit card transaction made in person or online (ATM transactions and transactions credited to your account are excluded).  Enrollment will be completed and transfers will begin within three business days of enrollment date.  

The difference between your debit card transaction settled amount (no longer pending) and the amount rounded to the next whole dollar (“the round up”) is the amount eligible to be transferred.  At 10:00 a.m. each business day we aggregate the round-up amount from each of your VISA® debit card purchases scheduled to settle to your checking account that day and make a single transfer.  (Time of calculation) If the enrolled checking account does not have available funds at that time of calculation equal to or greater than the transaction total including the round-up amount, the Making Cents transfer will not occur.  The Making Cents transfer will appear as a debit pending transaction until after nightly transaction posting has completed and the transaction has posted to the enrolled checking account.  Please reference the Processing Order as described to you in your Deposit Account Terms and Conditions (Part III.  General Rules Governing Deposit Account, Section 12, titled Processing and Posting Order) to review in what order transactions are processed.  The Making Cents transfers will appear on your monthly checking account statement as “ROUND UP Debit” and on your receiving account statement as “ROUND UP Credit”.

If a VISA® debit card purchase is cancelled, altered or reversed after the time of calculation, the Making Cents transfer amount will not be altered by the bank.  That is, once a Making Cents transfer is made, regardless of subsequent related transactions to the checking account, the Making Cents transfer to the receiving account will not be modified, altered, reversed or revoked.  The Bank may make adjustments to deposits or transfers to correct bank errors without prior notice to the client.  

If a transaction(s) causes your checking account to have a negative balance or become overdrawn, all applicable nonsufficient funds, overdraft fees, and overdraft protection transfer fees will apply.  Please refer to your Deposit Account Terms and Conditions, Truth in Savings Disclosure (if applicable), Regulation E and Bounce Protection SM disclosure (if applicable), Other Services and Fees disclosure for more information regarding your account’s available overdraft services and applicable fees.  Please note that you will never be charged an overdraft fee or an overdraft protection transfer fee for any Making Cents transfer.  

Clients enrolled in the Making Cents service linked to Level Up Checking and Level Up Savings accounts as the Primary account holder, are automatically eligible for the Level Up Savings Matching program.  See LevelUp Savings Disclosures for more details.

We may cancel the Making Cents enrollment at any time.  Making Cents is available only on Capital City Bank VISA® debit cards linked to your enrolled personal Checking Account as indicated on the Making Cents service enrollment form.  In the event the linked debit card is replaced for any reason, you will need to notify the bank to link the replacement card to the Making Cents service.

If the Checking Account with the Making Cents service is closed or the receiving account is closed, the Making Cents service will be cancelled.  You agree to notify the bank by calling our Client Service Center at 888.671.0400 toll-free or in person by visiting a Capital City Bank Office, if you wish to cancel the Making Cents service.

Important Information

1Making Cents is not available for VISA® business debit cards.

2Must have a Capital City Bank VISA® debit card linked to a personal Capital City Bank checking account.  Furthermore, you must have a secondary Capital City Bank savings, additional Checking, or Capital City Bank Money Market account to serve as the receiving account in order to be eligible for this service.