Account Switch Kit from Capital City Bank

The Simple Switch Checklist

Moving your accounts to Capital City Bank has never been easier or more convenient! Refer to the following guide for information needed to complete each account activity.  
To close an account and transfer remaining funds, you should:
To discuss an existing loan, you should:
  • Maintain sufficient funds in your previous account to clear any outstanding checks or automatic withdrawals prior to closing the account completely
  • Double check maturity dates if transferring a Certificate of Deposit, in order to avoid possible penalties (you may need to provide original certificate) 
  • Have a recent bank statement with your previous
    account number(s) 
  • Complete the Account Closing Notification Form
    (provided by Capital City Bank) and present it to your
    previous bank to process 
  • Speak to a community banker at any of our offices*
  • Provide recent loan statement with loan account information and balance remaining
To change your payroll or direct deposit, you should: To rollover a 401(k) or other retirement account, you should:
  • Have a voided check from your Capital City Bank account
  • Complete the Direct Deposit Request Form
    (provided by Capital City Bank below) and present it to your
    employer to process
  • Schedule an appointment with a Capital City Investments Executive (866.906.5765 FL or 866.566.6106 AL/GA) or Capital City Trust Company Officer (850.402.7751)
  • Have a recent account statement
  • Have contact information for your employer or former employer
To change your automatic payment or withdrawal, you should: To change your Social Security Direct Deposit, you should:
  • Have a recent statement from the vendor
  • Complete the Automatic Payment Request Form (provided by Capital City Bank below) and present it to the vendor
PLEASE NOTE: You must complete a separate form for
each vendor that debits money from your account.
To establish your online banking service, you should:

Switch Kit Forms
For assistance, please contact a Capital City Banker at any of our convenient offices, chat with a banker online or call toll-free 888.671.0400. We’re here to help every step of the way.