accounts receivable financing

Accounts Receivables Financing

A quick and easy solution to cash-flow challenges

Cash flow keeps your business running smoothly. But when most of your revenues are locked up in invoicing, those valuable cash inflows can slow to a trickle. Then what?
With Accounts Receivables Financing offered by Capital City Bank, you get the funds you need to invest in your growing business and stay competitive in today's tough market now rather than waiting 30, 60 or even 90 days to receive payment for your products and services. 
Features and benefits:
  • Pays cash for your receivables you can put to work now
  • Flexible, customizable and scalable – choose how much or how little you want to fund based on real-time cash-flow needs
  • Competitive rates and industry-leading benefits
  • Credit decisions and funding typically within 24 hours 
  • Does not add debt, and there's no interest to pay
  • Receivables management services provide assistance with collections, receivables monitoring and reporting, plus credit scoring
  • Dedicated cash-flow expert to analyze your situation and help structure an effective solution

Call 850.402.7855 or for a no-obligation consultation with a cash-flow expert. 
cash flow

A cash-flow solution for all industries

  • Business Services
  • Distribution
    • Manufacturing
    • Wholesale
cash flow

Why Accounts Receivables Financing?

Accounts Receivables Financing is not a loan, so it provides a fast and easy option for increasing cash flow without adding debt or interest payments.

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