For Teens: Level Up Your Financial Life

Level Up Your Financial IQ with Capital City Bank

Unlock the next level of your financial life with accounts designed especially for teens ages 13-17 years like you. Act, earn and learn with our Level Up Checking, Level Up Savings and Level Up interactive financial knowledge builder powered by EverFi. Talk with your parent or guardian to get in the game today!

Level Up Checking

An ideal account to help teens ages 13-17 unlock the next level of their financial life.

Features + Benefits:

  • Only $50 opening deposit
  • Joint ownership with parent or guardian
  • Visa® debit card with tap-to-pay1
  • Making Cents automatic savings feature with 2% match2
  • CCBMobile App3 and Online Banking with Zelle®3
  • No monthly service charge
  • No minimum balance
  • Free access to Capital City Bank ATMs and Virtual Teller Machines
  • Available for ages 13 to 174
  • Free access to Level Up Financial Knowledge Builder powered by EverFI

Level Up Savings

Features + Benefits:

  • Only $50 opening deposit
  • Joint ownership with parent or guardian
  • Link to Level Up Checking for Making Cents transfers2
  • Interest-earning on $200 balance or greater5
  • No monthly service charge
  • Available for ages 13 to 174
  • Free access to Level Up Financial Knowledge Builder powered by EverFI

Level Up Financial Knowledge Builder

Interactive and informative content to help teens and young bankers build a strong financial foundation.

Features + Benefits:

  • Mobile financial knowledge builder powered by EverFi
  • Interactive playlists to increase your financial smarts about banking basics, budgeting, saving and investing
  • Access included free with Level Up Checking and Savings
  • Explore additional financial literacy topics (aka Fin Lit)

Our Level Up financial knowledge builder contains interactive playlists designed to engage students and increase knowledge of critical financial wellness topics such as banking basics, budgeting, saving and investing.

No, registration is not required to access the Level Up financial knowledge builder.

Each interactive playlist will take most learners five to 10 minutes to complete.

The Level Up financial literacy content is designed for students and teens in grades 7-12, but also may be useful to older learners seeking more financial know-how.

Users should be at least 13 years of age to access the financial knowledge builder.

Important Information 

Bank rules and restrictions may apply. Business and corporate accounts do not qualify for personal products. Account features and service charges subject to change. Account subject to fees if overdrawn. Overdraft Protection coverage is not provided with Level Up Checking.
 Transactions you make may cause your Level Up Checking account to be overdrawn, resulting in a negative balance and overdraft or return fees. Level Up Checking accounts also are ineligible for additional overdraft coverage services such as Bounce ProtectionSM and Overdraft Protection Transfers.
1Tap-to-pay is a contactless debit card payment method and is not eligible for use anywhere card insertion is requested.
2Requires enrollment, a debit card and a Level Up Savings account. Earn a maximum of $10 in matching funds per month. Matching funds deposited quarterly. Capital City Bank may report the value of any matching funds received to the Internal Revenue Service as required by law. Visit for details.
3Fees charged by the mobile service provider are the responsibility of the user.
4When the minor reaches age 19, Level Up Checking and/or Level Up Savings account(s) will be changed to an appropriate account type. Account holder will be notified through required change in terms notification.
5Interest compounded daily on daily collected balances of $200 or more and paid on the last day of the calendar quarter.
Zelle and the Zelle related marks are wholly owned by Early Warning Services, LLC and are used herein under license.